In this section, we offer you exclusively access to all CILS4EU instruments and reports for each wave.

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  • Fieldwork Reports
    • Technical Fieldwork Report:
      • This report gives users an exact overview about the sampling of the students, the development of the different instruments, and the fieldwork procedures.
    • Sociometric Fieldwork Report:
      • This report includes specific information on the data collection process of the sociometric module implemented in the survey, as well as a description of the structure of this data set.
    • Technical Report on Coding:
      • This report informs on the exact coding procedure to assess if a respondent possesses an immigrant background, and to determine her respective generational status, as well as her country of origin.
  • Questionnaires
    • Master Questionnaires:
      • The Master Questionnaire represents the English written equivalent to the codebook. It includes each question that was at least asked in one of the four countries, in a country-neutral form. Note that this instrument was never applied in the actual field and offers only an entire overview about the specific questionnaires.
    • National Instruments:
      • These instruments constitute the original versions being administered in the field.
    • National Instruments (English):
      • These instruments represent English translations of the questionnaires being applied during fieldwork. We offer our users these translated version for a better understanding, but be aware that for explicit formulation the national instrument has to be checked.
  • Codebooks
    • The codebook offers complete documentation of the collected data sets, provides a variable overview, and informs among differences in reduced and full versions of the data sets in its appendix.


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