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Campus Use File

All documentation materials pertaining to the CILS4EU Campus Use File (Germany) can be downloaded here.

Please select one of the following categories:

Reports: Here you can find a README document that introduces the campus use file (CUF) and provides information about the files included, the differences between the CUF and other data releases, the sample selection, and CUF-specific variables. You can also download the technical reports from wave one to three here, from which data is included in the CUF. Note that the technical reports were not altered for inclusion in the CUF, they are the same reports that are also included in the scientific use file (SUF).

Questionnaires: Here you can find the English master questionnaires from waves one to three. These questionares are identical to the ones included in the SUF too and consist of the English translation of all questions, including those that were only asked in specific countries.

Codebook: Here you can find the CUF codebook that describes all variables included in the CUF in detail.