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CILS4NEPS is a cooperation between the teams of the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU) and the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). Both the CILS4EU and NEPS SC4 data are longitudinal studies that have the same target population, namely adolescents who attended 9th grade in the school year 2010/11. Both started in 2010 and used almost identical sampling approaches. This ensures a high degree of comparability, which makes it possible to harmonize some of the contents to create one combined dataset - the CILS4NEPS data.

For this project, we use data from waves 1-3 of CILS4EU and waves 1-6 of the NEPS Starting Cohort 4. Compared to the origin datasets, the CILS4NEPS harmonized dataset provides significantly bigger sample sizes for certain (e.g., ethnic or social) groups as well as for certain events (e.g., specific school-to-work transitions). It also enables researchers to compare school and labor market trajectories of young people in Germany with those in England, the Netherlands, or Sweden, which is not possible with just the NEPS data.

The harmonized and pooled CILS4NEPS dataset comprises 34,293 respondents in the first wave. Harmonized variables with information about respondents' socio-demographic background, structural integration (e.g., school perfomance), social integration (e.g., romantic relationships), cultural integration (e.g., language) and health and well-being (e.g., life satisfaction) are available in these data. For a complete list of available variables, please refer to the documentation materials for the CILS4NEPS data, which can be downloaded here.

Remote access to the CILS4NEPS data is possible via the RemoteNEPS service after submitting the necessary materials. To apply for the data, please follow the steps described in the section "Data Access" here.