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All documentation materials pertaining to the CILS4NEPS data can be downloaded below. Additional documentation materials for NEPS SC4 data and CILS4EU data are available on the respective websites.

CILS4NEPS Codebook: This document contains a description of all variables included in the CILS4NEPS dataset.

Technical Report: This report contains information on the CILS4NEPS sample and the data harmonization process and methods.

Weighting Report: This report describes the creation of the composite weight that was created for the CILS4NEPS data.

Additional resources

Overview Table: This Excel sheet provides you with an overview of the harmonized variables in CILS4NEPS and their origin variables in the CILS4EU and NEPS SC4 datasets.

Coding Table: This Excel sheet provides you with more detailed information about the creation of the harmonized variables by comparing the coding of variables in the CILS4EU data, the NEPS SC4 data and the harmonized CILS4NEPS data.

Template for Linear Equating: This Excel sheets visualizes the linear equating procedure used to harmonize more complex items in the CILS4NEPS dataset.