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Here, we have prepared all CILS4EU(-DE) instruments and reports for each wave for you to download. Depending on the wave you are interested in, the following types of documents may be listed.

1. Fieldwork Reports

Technical Fieldwork Report:

This report provides an overview of the sampling strategy, the development of instruments, and the overall fieldwork procedures.

Sociometric Fieldwork Report:

This report includes information on the data collection process of the sociometric module implemented in the survey, as well as a description of the structure of this data set.

Technical Report on Coding:

This report contains information about the coding procedure that was used to assess whether a respondent has an immigrant background and to determine their respective generational status, as well as country of origin.

2. Questionnaires

Master Questionnaires:

The master questionnaire is the English-language questionnaire equivalent to the codebook. It includes every question that was asked in at least one of the four countries in a country-neutral form. Note that this instrument was never applied in the actual field and should only be used as a general overview over the national questionnaires.

National Instruments:

These instruments are the original questionnaires that were used during data collection in the field.

National Instruments (English):

These instruments are English translations of the national instruments administered in the field. We offer our users these translated version for a better understanding, but please be aware that for the exact wording of a question, you should use the national instruments.

3. Codebooks

The codebook is a complete documentation of the data set, provides an overview of all variables included, and informs you about differences between the reduced and full versions of the data in the appendix.

These documents are available here for each wave:

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4 (follow-up study in Germany)

Wave 5 (follow-up study in Germany)

Wave 6 (follow-up study in Germany)

Wave 7 (follow-up study in Germany)

CILS4COVID (follow-up study on the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany)

Wave 8 (follow-up study in Germany)

Wave 9 (follow-up study in Germany)

Special releases:

CILS4NEPS (contains data from waves 1-3 of CILS4EU harmonised with NEPS SC4)

Campus Use File (contains data from waves 1-3 from the German sample)