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Follow-up Studies

After completing the third wave of CILS4EU data collection, the standardized portion of the project was completed. However, each country team conducted national extensions of the CILS4EU study independently of each other even after the main project ended in 2013.

The Dutch team subsequently collected three more waves of data until 2016. The Swedish team gathered one additional wave of data in 2016 after a two-year break. The English team is collecting two more waves of data starting in 2018.


CILS4EU-DE is the German follow-up study to the CILS4EU project. It comprises six more waves of data collection - collected annually from 2014-2016, and bi-annually after that. In addition, a supplementary survey concerned with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic (CILS4COVID) was conducted in 2020 parallel to wave eight of the CILS4EU-DE main survey.

For the sixth wave of CILS4EU-DE in 2016, we added a refreshment sample to the existing panel sample to counteract panel attrition. The face-to-face interview for the refreshment sample included a life history calendar (LHC) that covered respondents' partnership and employment trajectories so they can be reconstructed retrospectively.

Codebooks and other documentation materials pertaining to the CILS4EU-DE and CILS4COVID study can be found here. You can get a quick overview of the number of participants of CILS4EU and CILS4EU-DE here. The data from the CILS4EU-DE follow-up study is available from GESIS.


You can download the pdf-version of this overview here.